Filter Upgrade Service

For many years, Nebraska Air Filter has helped upgrade and renovate all kinds of low efficiency filtration systems. By removing old inefficient systems and replacing them with appropriate filtration systems, our customers have saved on equipment downtime and improved air quality.

Sometimes the answer is as easy as switching to a higher quality, more efficient filter. Other times, the problem requires a more complicated, engineered design that involves consideration of system air volume, mechanical requirements, filter face velocity, and particulate assessment. In these cases, we may work with architects, engineers, mechanical designers, building engineers, and HVAC contractors. All the experts must be consulted:  Putting in the wrong filters for the wrong application could be disastrous for your system.


Case Study # 1:  Industrial Application

An Omaha industrial customer had such a significant smoke and oil-mist problem that it was impossible to see from one end of the plant to the other. Working with all the appropriate parties, we were able to design and install a high efficiency filtration system into the existing air handling units on the rooftop. Over several months, we systematically removed components of the old inefficient system (automatic roll filter units) and installed high efficiency bag filters with pleated pre-filters in its place. The result was much cleaner air … and better visibility!


Case Study # 2:  Restaurant Smoke Control

One of our restaurant customers had a problem with smoke from its lounge area spreading into the dining area. Another air filtration company suggested hanging an electronic air cleaners from the ceiling in the lounge. However, this would detract from the look of the place and could cause unnecessary drafts. Instead, we designed an air cleaner that sat above a closet area that was open to the lounge area itself. This pulled the smoke-filled air above the patrons and allowed the air to change in the lounge area several times per hour without smoke leaking into the eating area and bothering non-smoking customers. Only the owner knew the unit was there. Everyone else ate and enjoyed themselves in comfort.