Nebraska Air Filter History

Nebraska Air Filter was born as Nebraska Coal Company in 1940. John N. Manhart bought the company in 1966.

Under John Manhart’s leadership, the company quickly evolved to better serve its customers. One of his first moves was to establish Nebraska Air Filter as an independent distributor, which allowed us to provide the best combination of price and quality for our customers. He also began manufacturing filters in-house to accomplish the same goals of high quality, good value – and customization.

Over the years, we have provided filtration sales and services of every type and purpose to a wide variety of commercial and industrial businesses across Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and parts of Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and North Dakota. And we have shipped to nearly every state in the U.S.

Indoor air quality has become more and more critical to building owners and property managers, from small retail operations to major industrial plants. We have successfully applied special designs to upgrade existing mechanical equipment to improve indoor air quality and building cleanliness. At the same time, equipment maintenance costs go down, saving building engineers valuable time and money. Over the past 60 years, universities and schools, utility companies, theaters, restaurants, and manufacturers have all benefited by optimizing their approach to air filtration.

Residential customers may also take advantage of commercial-grade filters for home use, improving performance at lower cost.

In 2014, John Manhart sold the business to John Jackson. Nebraska Air Filter continues to operate at the same premises with the same group of skilled and experienced air filtration experts. We have the technical expertise to address any dust, allergen, odor, or grease control problems. Please call or stop by, and begin breathing easier!

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