Filter Change Service

Since 1966 Nebraska Air Filter has provided commercial filter change service for customers across Nebraska and Iowa. Our trained technicians help customers keep up with all their heating, air conditioning and building ventilation requirements, freeing up maintenance crews and engineers to focus on the other demands of facilities maintenance.

  • We will check every designated filter at the location. Typically we only replace the filters that need changing – or will need changing – before the next scheduled visit.  If you want every filter changed regardless of filter condition, we will do that.
  • If the filters in a certain location are consistently not dirty, we will alert you. You may wish to lengthen the period between filter changes.
  • Our service technicians start the day at 6 a.m. This allows us to provide service with minimal disruption to your daily business activities, if that is desirable.
  • We have experience working with all varieties of HVAC equipment, from industrial rooftop air handlers to ceiling-mounted heat pump units, and from brand new equipment to mechanical systems from the 1960’s (and before!).
  • We have worked with virtually every filter media, including:  bulk media rolls, disposable cardboard frames, pleated boxes, filter elements for metal frames, ring panels, bag filters, and pads; plus high efficiency, HEPA, and activated carbon solutions for specialized applications.
  • Our in-house fabrication team can build any type of filter to meet your specifications.