Custom HVAC Filters

Finding furnace filters that fit your system can be challenging.

Let’s say you’ve taken the first most important step and realized you need to change your furnace filter. You take out the used filter. Then you notice that you can’t find this size at the local hardware. Or at the big-box DIY store. Or just about anywhere else you look.

You’re not alone. Mechanical contractors (heating and air conditioning experts) have installed millions of units that need special, non-standard sizes. There can be multiple reasons for this. The configuration in your home might not have allowed a standard size. Or they needed to build a specific size to ensure the proper air flow.

Whatever the reason, now you need to find a place to get your custom-size filter. That’s where Nebraska Air Filter can help. We have been building custom filters since 1940. If you tell us the exact size you need, we will build it to your specifications and ship it to you for free in about two weeks or less.

We make it easy to receive custom furnace filters delivered to your door.

Every day we come into our shop  in Omaha, Nebraska and build custom size air filters for our customers. We’ve been doing it since 1940. It’s not quite Sana’s workshop, but it feels good to solve problems for our customers. It’s not always easy to find custom-sized air filters for your furnace and air conditioning units.

We have 75 years of practice in making it easy. Now you can go online, specify the size and type of filter you need. We do the rest. In about two weeks or less, your custom filters will arrive on your doorstep. Probably via UPS, but you never know. Unlike Santa, we cannot deliver via chimney.

Our 3 step process makes it easy to order custom furnace filters.

Ordering a custom size furnace filter shouldn’t be complicated. Though you might not know this if you have bounced around the Internet before finding Nebraska Air Filter. If you collect the basic facts in advance, we make it easy for you with a simple 3-step process:

1.       Select the type of filter material that you want. Generally you will be safe going with MERV-8. This is the standard for better residential use, and your system was probably designed for this type of filter. A MERV-11 filter will offer more protection against pollen and smaller particles (but it’s also more restrictive to air flow and won’t last as long) . If odor is an issue (think: pets), a filter with activated carbon may help.

2.       What is the depth or thickness of your filter? Almost all residential filters come in 1, 2, or 4-inch “nominal” thickness. The “actual” thickness is about ¼” less.

3.       The final step is to measure the height and length of your existing filter. Please be as accurate as possible so we can get it right for you! If you don’t have a filer to measure, then try to measure the inside dimension of the filter frame. Also, if you err on size, it is better to be on the small side. If it’s too big, then you won’t’ be able to fit the filer into the frame.

That’s all there is to it. Of course we’ll also need your name, address, and credit card information. But we bet you expected that. In about two weeks, your custom filters will arrive – with free shipping!

Order your custom HVAC air filters today.